■Goods for "Kyara Ben"

Do you know Kyara-ben?

It is lunch box whose contents are decorated as famous characters or cute things.
Many mothers make it for their children.

There are a lot of goods for Kyara ben,
Seaweed cutter to make face on rice ball
Bread cutter

Egg mold 

Hello kitty rice ball maker

There are also How-to books

Let's Make Kyara ben!


■Eco shopping bag

In your hometown, do you need to pay for plastic bags at supermarket?
In Japan, it was totally free until about 10 years ago.

However, to save our earth, some supermarkets started non- free plastic bags. It is usually 2-5 yen per bag, and need to pay at cashier.
On the other hand, some shops another system. Plastic bags are free, but if you refuse it, you can get 2-5 yen discount from the purchase.

Other supermarkets still do not have any system about plastic bags, they just give us them by free. However, a lot of people are now using "eco bag" even if they are free.

Japanese eco bags are really cute and strong. Some of them have useful idea and really comfortable.

Which do you like the best?


■Harinacs - Stapleless Stapler

Have you ever heard of "Harinacs"?

It is a kind of staplers but not a normal one. Do you know why?

This product named Harinacs is Stapleless Stapler, you do not need needles to use!

When you use a normal stapler, you need to remove the needles before putting documents into  a shredder. Also, the needles are sometimes dangerous for kids and babies.

To solve the problem, Harinacs has been made. Harinacs cut the paper and file the documents without needles.

It is very safe and used a lot of places like elementary schools, hospitals, and also offices.

It also does not need to refill the staple supply, once you buy one, it can be used without any options. Besides, if you use 2 hole type Harinacs, you can file into 2 hole type filing!

Official Video (Harinacs Compact type)

They are very useful, aren't they??

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Harinacs
*Product Category: Stationary
*Product By: Kokuyo
*Price in Japan: around 500- 4000 yen (Depends on the type)


●Costumes for Duffy and Shelliemay

Do you know Duffy and Shelliemay?
They are Disney bears, you can find them also in Tokyo Disneyland :)

They are sooo cute arent they? ^^

I love their costumes too, and found a Hand Made Costumes which is MADE IN JAPAN!
The shop name is Madam Kyoto.

They have not only casual costumes but also KIMONO and YUKATA, the Japanese traditional costumes!!

For example:
Casual matching clothes

Pirates Patterned Hakama (Boys' Kimono) for Duffy
If you like Onepiece Too, you should get this one!
 (not Onepiece official)

Blue Hakama (Boys' Kimono) for Duffy
Look at the back style! It has a hole for his tail !!

Pink Kimono for Shelliemay

Kimono for Shelliemay
Her ribbon has cute fur!

Casual Kimono for Shelliemay
Like a cute Lolita fashion

Casual Yukata (Summer Kimono) for Shelliemay
Japanese often go Matsuri (festival) wearing Yukata in summer

Causal Yukata for small sized Shelliemay

All are so cute aren't they?
Each one is handmade, so they are always low in stock!

Some of them are available from the internet shop below :
GHR Japan Shop (ship to worldwide)

Madam Kyoto website is here, but not available in English. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via comment form below or "Contact Me" form.


Im back!

Hi everyone,

Long time no see!
I need to tell you all, I am now in Japan!
Last month I came back to Japan, and started new life here.
We, I and my daring, were discussing about it for months and we decided to move to Japan ;)

We needed to do a lot of things so I had no time to write articles, but now I start blogging here again!

As Im in Japan, I hope I can help you something to get. Feel free to contact me via comment or Contact Me form.

Now i am thinking of posting more kinds of Japanese products like Otaku things (Figure, Artbook etc)

Hope you like them.


PS; My friends Shop- Yoroshiku!