■Facial Care Tool

Is your nose clean? Have black head and oily?
Today's recommended product is very useful tool for the problem!

Do you know how to use this?
Hint:This stick has loop at the top.

Answer! You can use this tool to remove dirt from your nose!
You just push softly and your dirt come from your nose.

I bought in Daiso shop, and my husband asked me another one for himself! lol
Now we are both cleaning our nose together at night ;p

I bought in DAISO but its sold everywhere, also available at amazon :)

Today's Hint!
Don't remove your oil too much from your skin!
You maybe dont like oily skin, but if you remove too much, your skin will be oily more and more.
Our skin needs oil, so if you remove too much, the body make oil more in order to protect yourself.

So, dont use this tool everyday! Around 1-2 times a week is enough.
And use lotion/ tonner after that so that your skin wont be too dry.

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Facial Care Tool / Nose Dirt Remover etc
*Prodct Category: Skin Care (dirt remover)
*Normal Price in Japan: around 100yen-500yen
*I bought:  100yen (in Japan) S$2(in Singapore) -from Daiso


■Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid

Hello all, how are you?
Today's my recomended japanese goods is :

 Softymo speedy Cleansing Liquid

It's like almost water
Did you know, its more important for you to remove make-up than using tonner or creams on face?
If you don't remove your makeup well, skin-cares don't work at all!

This product removes your makeup gently, and you can use it even during wearing your false eyelashes or eyelashes extention!
Actually most of cleansings contain oil, so you should unwear your false eyelashes or eyelish extention before using so that it doesn't damage, but this product is oil free, so you don't need to worry about it.

Also, this cleansing liquid removes not only makeup but also stains etc from your face.
Perhaps you can feel very clean after use this.

When you remove your makeup, never rub your skin strongly!!
It causes trouble on your face, especially under your eyes.....
that part is very sensitive, so just do like massage very softly there.
====Product Info====
*Product Name: Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid
*Prodct Category: Skin Care (make up remover)
*Product By: Kose
*Normal Price in Japan: around 980yen
*Bargain Price in Japan: around 598~798yen
*I bought:  698yen (Bought in Japan)
+Price depends on times and conditions

■Essential Damage Care Shampoo

My first recommended Inexpensive Japanese product is this!

Essential damage care shampoo and conditioner
(Nuance airy)

I have been using this Essential damage care shampoo for many years, from school days in Japan.
It cares your hair damage by UV, colouring, or permanent wave, and smells very sweet after washing as well.
Essential damage care shampoo
milky opalescent^^

Essential damage care Conditioner
less watery than shampoo

By the way, I have a suggestion for you about washing your hair.
"Shampoo is for head, Conditioner is for hair"

Actually shampoo is to clean your head skin, and conditioner is to cure your damaged hair, did you know?
So when you wash your hair, use shampoo mainly on your head skin with massage,
then conditioner on your dameged part like tips.
When you use shampoo, never scratch your skin with your nail! It couses some trouble on your head skin, and might lose alot of hair....
So, uses your tip finger to wash.
If you like the products, they are available on amazon :)

My favorite is now nuance airy, because i got permanent wave on my hair,
but before that I was using rich premier version below

if your hair is straight, rich premier type is recommended ;)

====Product Info=====
*Product Name: Essential Damage Care - Nuance Airy / Rich Premier
*Prodct Category: Shampoo and Conditioner
*Product By: Kao
*Normal Price in Japan: around 798yen each (not set of shampoo and conditioner)
*Bargain Price in Japan: around 398~498yen each(not set)
*I bought: S$8.50each (not set) <- it was big bargain because its old desegin version.
+Price depends on times and conditions


■My Favorite Japanese Brands

Hello friends :)
Now I'd like to start introduction of Japanese Inexpensive products.
First of all, I will tell you which Japanese brands are good......

SKII? Dr C:Labo? Elixir?

Yes... they are really "High" quality but the price is also "High" haha....

After considering my budget, my favorites brands are these blow;

          Chifure cosmetic products are very gentle on your skin
          since the are made without any artificial perfumes and colorings.
          Kose has many kinds of brands, some are very high class and others are low price.
          Fasio is one of the best inexpensive brand of Kose.
  • CEZANNE-Cosmetic brand *Japanese language site only
          Cezanne cosmetics are for natural makeup i guess.
          Most of the products don't have strong colour, so if you use them,
          your nacked skin looks much more beautiful.
          Sun Houseki is poplar among Japanese school girls.
          It has accesarries, cosmes, clothes, all of fashion things.
          Actually the Quality is not so good, but the price is unbelievable low!!
          Some of them are childish(especially cosmetics), but others cute and can be used by even adults.
          Perhaps you all know the name, Daiso.
          Daiso products are mainly made in Asian counties and actually the quality is not high.
          But some of them are so useful and long lasting.
          If there are any Daiso Shops near your house, it is worth visiting and seeing around.

Wow! I wrote too much!
If some people ask me questions or requests, I will answer ^^ Please comment if you have.

Thank you!


Hello everyone, my name is Kayo :)
Here is 'Kayo's Favorite', where i will introduce Japanese inexpensive products.
As this is my first article, so let me introduce myself.

Im a Japanese girl who is living in Singapore with my husband.
He is a Singaporean, but we talk always in Japanese each other since my English is poor….
So please turn a blind eye to my grammatical/ spell mistakes!! Thanks :)

Most of Japanese who is living in Singapore are rich, but we are not T_T
I came to Singapore at the end of 2011, and soon after that I started working at Japanese company.
We are saving money now for our future, so cannot spend too much money.
But still want a lot of fashion goods, cosmetics, snacks etc etc…. especially Japanese products!
Yes, my husband also loves Japan, so we often go shopping and get Japanese inexpensive ones ^^

Japanese products all expensive, you think?
Some goods don’t cost so much, although the quality is high enough.
I will introduce that kind of things here from now.

I hope everyone all over the world read and like my blog.